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The Last Year of Confusion

by Janet Turpin Myers

The Last Year of Confusion is a humorous, thought provoking-at times dark-commentary on the heaviness of humankind's boot prints upon this planet. Are we, as Villis laments, doomed to destroy ourselves, given that killing has been intrinsic to our nature since Palaeolithic men first chipped arrowheads from the bedrock of the Earth? Or is the problem, as Bipin sees it, not with our natures, but with our choices? "Beauty and killing," Bipin says, "and we've mostly gone with the killing. Why not choose the beauty? Isn't it simply a matter of selecting that instead of this?"

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Canadian Stories of World War One

Edited by Bernadette Rule

World War One is often spoken of as the defining moment for Canada as a country. People engaged in that war on the premise that it was the war to end all wars. Engraved is a collection of stories and essays with an underlying focus on how WWI changed Canadian society. Many tell of ordinary people whose absence - and/or return - transformed their families. Others are about extraordinary men and women: Georgina Pope, Canada's first military nurse; John McCrae, the battlefield doctor who wrote the iconic poem, "In Flanders Fields"; and war artist A.Y. Jackson, whose vision was altered by the devastation he witnessed in France. By this act of remembering we hope to move closer to their goal of ending all war.

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Why Did You Do That?

Why Did You Do That?
The Autobiography of a Human Rights Advocate

by David Matas

"With scalpel like precision sharpened by his personal advocacy globally, David Matas has in his autobiography, aimed his extraordinarily perceptive analytical human rights microscope on a wide range of issues such justice, equality, redress, dignity, child pornography and freedom of speech. The common element which drove his advocacy as exemplified in this autobiography is that in order to assure respect for dignity, all human rights must be respected.
Above all, Matas asserts that by remaining bystanders, we make it possible for evils such as tyranny and racism to triumph. This is a must read for anyone interested in HR advocacy - and that should be all of us."
~ Yude M. Henteleff, C.M., Q.C., LL.D. (Hon.)

"David Matas is an indefatigable fighter for human rights. His story is one marked by courage, persistence - and results. His fight against Nazi war criminals, those who perpetrate hate crimes, and those who demonize and delegitimize Israel has made him a role model for justice, worldwide."
~ Dan Mariaschin, Executive Vice President, B'nai Brith International, Washington D.C.

"I'm not sure that many of us actually want to be a great man. But if you have ever wondered what the road to greatness looks like, read this book. In the world of human rights, the publication of David Matas' autobiography is, quite simply, the literary event of the year."
~ Ethan Gutmann, award-winning China analyst and human-rights investigator, author and journalist

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Windigo Fire

by M.H. Callway

"A fabulous story with wonderfully drawn characters that you won't want to put down."
~ Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective Murdoch novels

"Powerful and evocative writing, a dangerous wilderness setting and characters the like of which you will meet nowhere else: puts the reader on scene through some of the most skilled novel writing anywhere today."
~ Rosemary Aubert, award-winning novelist, creator of the Ellis Portal mystery series

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A Deadly Venture

A Deadly Venture

by Chris Laing

Hamilton, Ontario's own Max Dexter and his easy-on-the-eyes assistant Isabel O'Brien are back in the second book of this post-WWII historical mystery series. Max's artist friend, Roger Bruce, is arrested for murder. And while our plucky duo is tracking down the real killer, Hamilton mobsters take steps to discourage them.

As in A Private Man, the city itself continues to be a vital part of the action. And readers wondering if Max and Isabel might get together will be watching closely as the pair high-step their way through this quick-paced tale.

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Ocular Proof

by John Delacourt

"Ocular Proof is an enormously courageous and imaginative undertaking, a most creative reflection on the complexity of creativity."
~ Modris Eksteins, author of Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age and Solar Dance: Genius, Forgery, and the Eclipse of Certainty

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In Search of Rwanda's Genocidaires

In Search of Rwanda's Génocidaires

by David Whitehouse

"This is an important work, providing new insights into the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The book casts a fresh light on the claims of involvement of the French government in the genocide and the actions of French justice in its aftermath. Anyone interested in crimes of an international dimension or international justice would want to read this book."
~ David Matas, International human rights lawyer and author

"This articulate book, based on first-hand sources, attempts to trace the root causes of Rwanda's genocide and extrapolates to the post-genocide society. Readers from different backgrounds can benefit."
~ Ezat Mossallanejad, Senior Policy Analyst and Researcher for the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture and author of books, Torture in the Age of Fear (2005), Religions and the Cruel Return of Gods (2012) and Crimes and Punishment in Islam (2014)

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by Laurelyn Whitt

Lansdowne Poetry Prize
Prix Lansdowne de poésie

"These lyrical, compassionate poems are in love with the world. Everything in them, from birds, to the sea, to rocks and mountains, to those who have died, is alive in spirit. In their wonder and respect for the dead and the living, they feel like messages from another world."
~ Kelle Groom, Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at Sierra Nevada College

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by Rosalie Osmond

"What Rosalie Osmond has achieved with Waldenstein may be unique. In classical prose she has crafted a portrait of a community, has deftly and convincingly brought to life a past full of affections and tensions. This is a rich, rich novel, which moves beyond the solidity of its characters, its theme and place, to offer a picture of people living together, showing how our own minds and lives might have felt before we became the atomised consumers of today."
~ C.M. Taylor, Author

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emails from india

Emails from India: Women Write Home

Edited by Janis Harper

Seraphim Editions introduces the voices of 27 women who have travelled to India and written on their experiences. Edited by Janis Harper.

"While India fascinates many, women in particular seem drawn to her. These musings - poignant, humorous and insightful - speak to the mysterious relationships that western women and India seem to share..."

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by Janet Turpin Myers

"As the leaves fall and the air gets crisper, we're all bracing ourselves for winter, wishing the warm weather could stay around for just a little while longer. However, we still have the memories of summer to hold us through until it comes once again."

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lloyd percival

Lloyd Percival: Coach and Visionary

by Gary Mossman

"Every Saturday at 12:15 when we were young lads my mother made sausages and toast for my brother and me and we listened to ‘Ace’ Percival on Sports College. I don’t agree with everything he said, but he sure was ahead of his time."
~ Don Cherry, Television commentator and former NHL coach

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Arc is proud to present the winner of the 2013 Archibald Lampman Award for best book of poetry by a National-Capital Area author

Nina Berkhout elseworlds
(Woodstock: Seraphim Editions, 2012)

Acute introspection match with thoughtful impressions of the other in elseworlds,
where Berkhout addresses the ghostliness of memory and of her own psychological relationship with the world around her.

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