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Next Episode

Next Episode follows a cast of reality-television ghost hunters: Troy, Rachel, Ben, Jasmine, Paolo and Dylan, better known as the Operation: Haunting team. Their lives are unusual – one day they may be VIPs at a fan convention, answering questions about the show; the next, they’re filming on location, waiting for the knocks, shadows, cold spots or energy spikes their viewers love and the network expects. Ben relies on technology, while Rachel follows her intuition. Jasmine is fearless, and Troy keeps everyone calm. Dylan, just voted onto the team, is delighted with her new career but can’t quite figure out why the unfriendly archivist, Paolo, comes on location with them . . . until she discovers what the audience will never see.

Between their workday encounters with the unexplained and uncanny, the OpHaunt team face network demands and personal trials. Famed for showing the supernatural to the public, the teammates are themselves haunted by the secrets they live with, and must keep, off-camera.

 Pitch-perfect writing fused with off-to-the-races pacing makes Ferguson’s Next Episode one of the most enjoyable reads of the year. A genre fan through and through, I haven’t been this impressed by the sheer quality of a book since Butcher’s Dresden Files series. Stop, drop, and read this thing!

– Travis Sentell, Author of Fluid

 B.D. Ferguson’s Next Episode takes us behind the scenes of a reality TV show whose ghost hunters are more haunting – with their loves, losses and hidden truths – than their quarries. With writing that’s at times propulsive and heart-thumping, at other times tender and wise, this is a wryly observed, deliciously fun debut.

– Krista Foss, Author of Smoke River

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