Art Waves podcasts:

#319 – Chris Laing & Christopher Cameron May 7, 2017

#297 – BD Ferguson (Next Episode)

#296 – Katherine O’Flynn (Coming Home), Ian Lancashire (Primal Testament)

#282 – Jeffery Donaldson interviews Bernadette Rule about Earth Day in Leith Churchyard: Poems in Search of Tom Thomson

#273 – Brought to Light writers Carol Leigh Wehking, Barbara Rebelo and Ellen Jaffe

#262 – Brought to Light writers Jane Mulkewich, Krista Foss and Jean Rae Baxter

#260 – Brought to Light writers Ethel Edey, John Corvese and Lise Levesque

#248 – Janet Turpin Myers (Last Year of Confusion)

#244 – Engraved writers Lise Levesque, Carol Leigh Wehking and Jean Ryan

#236 – John Delacourt (Ocular Proof)

#195 – Janet Turpin Myers (Nightswimming)

#180 – In the Wings writers Mary-Eileen McClear, Carol Leigh Wehking and Linda Helson

#179 – Sarah Sheard (Krank: Love in the New Dark Times)

#178 – David Matas (Bloody Harvest: the killing of Falun Gong for their organs)

#177 – In the Wings writer Joe Girard

#176 – In the Wings writers Waheed Rabbani and Jean Rae Baxter

#174 – In the Wings writers William Chan, Jane Devries and Pauline Hewak

#173 – In the Wings writers Michelle Ward Kantor, Rachel Harvey and Ethel Edey

#172 – In the Wings writer Judy Pollard Smith

#171 – Chris Laing (A Private Man)

#165 – Nina Berkhout (Elseworlds)

#163 – In the Wings writers Todd McKinstry, Jean Ryan and Lise Levesque

#162 – Ruth E. Walker (Living Underground)

#34 Crossing Lines anthology – Ellen Jaffe and James Deahl