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Author: Nina Berkhout

2013 Archibald Lampman Award for Best Book of Poetry

Elseworlds observes everyday moments – the mundane and the enlightening – through conversation, story and daydream. Whether a preoccupation with time and the nature of memory, a coming to terms with failed relationships, reflections on the haunting presence of departed loved ones, or the intermittent desire to escape into another world altogether, Berkhout’s wry humour and honest voice resonate beyond the personal in these meditations on life and loss.

“Nina Berkhout’s Elseworlds is an aptly named collection of poems which prefers to study the tapestry of human existence from the backside, where the carefully composed picture becomes slightly abstract and opens up. Berkhout explores our yearnings through ‘the thirty-six ebony keys’, through the unsaid which hangs ‘outside of our speech balloons’. Her imagery is compelling and invites the reader’s participation in the creative process.”
~ Bernadette Rule, author of The Literate Thief Selected Poems

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Nina Berkhout, Art Waves #165