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safe-houseA Safe House: Holland 1940-1945

Maria Jacobs

ISBN 0-9734588-5-2
150 pages
$18.95 Cdn
$16.95 US

A Safe House is the true story of a young Dutch girl and her mother sheltering four Jewish compatriots in their home during the Nazi occupation. The first version of this book, entitled Precautions Against Death (1983), received much acclaim in Canada, and in Holland, where it was published in Dutch. Now this enhanced and expanded version, including photographs, is available for a new generation of readers.


“… beautiful and wonderful…. It really touched me to the heart.”
– Margaret Laurence

A splendidly evocative, gentle and touching account … woven together with literary skill of a high order.”
– Ken Adachi, Toronto Star

I was impressed by the tone of the book, by the simplicity and purity of voice…. This is one of the few books I have read about that period which I can praise without any mental reservation regarding artistic merit.”
– Adele Wiseman

“… the story’s drama of will, determination and dogged endurance comes through with immense force.”
– Clara Thomas

If only the world held more of the decency, the matter-of-fact goodness, the moral certainty expressed in the pages of this extraordinary book: the knowledge that a life is not worth living if it is not risked to counter evil.”
– Rhea Tregebov

55 Socks (Trailer)

Based on a poem by Marie Jacobs, the animated short 55 Socks, by Oscar-winning director Co Hoedeman, pays tribute to the ingenuity of the Dutch people during a dark period of their history – the winter of hunger of 1944-45. It’s the closing months of the war in occupied Holland and some women unravel a beautiful bedspread in order to knit 55 socks to barter for food. Reaching back into his childhood memories, Hoedeman has made a simple, poetic film of rare beauty.

55 Socks – 55 Chausettes – 55 Sokken

An international co-production with MusiVision, Coconino Netherlands and The National Film Board of Canada.