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tunisA Tunisian Notebook

Author: Russell Thornton

ISBN 0-9689723-1-4
64 pages
$16.95 Cdn
$14.95 US

There is a sophisticated freshness in Russell Thornton’s work, intensely aware, humanly complex, subtle without being obscure. Familiar certainly, yet it is adventurous also, daring and requiring us to “enter another life.”
~ Allan Brown, Author of Divinations

There are lines and images here which wind about and double back on one another like the melody of a windfloated Arabic song, and at their best the effect is not less (shall I say?) mesmerizing than that song. “The sea’s mysterious list wine of touch / on the sand, slipping away glittering / in scattered glasslike grains for an instant …” Mesmerizing? Yes, often.
~ Don Coles, Author of Kurgan

A Tunisian Notebook is a joy for both ear and eye. With his intimate and intricate weaving of emotion and imagery, Russell Thornton delights all our senses. This wordmaster satisfies our longings for exquisite yet honest love poems. A Tunisian Notebook will be an enduring classic.
~ Bernice Lever, Author of Blessings