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Earth Day at Leith ChurchyardEarth Day in Leith Churchyard

Poems in Search of Tom Thomson

Bernadette Rule

ISBN 13: 978-1-927079-38-6
ISBN 10: 1-927079-38-1
$14.95 Cdn/trade paperback
80 Pages
6” x 6”

It has been almost a century since the painter Tom Thomson was murdered at the age of 39. The mystery of his death has captivated people almost as much as his passionate work. As both a friend and an inspiration to the members of The Group of Seven, founded shortly after his death, Thomson holds an important place in Canadian art. Earth Day in Leith Churchyard is a collection of poems inspired by the paintings and the character of Tom Thomson and by the landscape he loved.

“With grace and precision, with delight in the world and in wordplay, and with an eye for all that is holy, Bernadette Rule reads the moving paintings, the landscape and the life of a loved painter, and translates them into words.” – John Terpstra, Author

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