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Allan Brown

ISBN 0-9734588-3-6
107 pages
$16.95 Cdn
$14.95 US

Allan Brown is a hidden treasure of Canadian literature, a poet consistently praised by fellow poets and critics of all schools, yet still too little known. Now Frames of Silence offers an introduction to Brown’s work across four decades of inspired commitment to the craft and vision of his highly unusual poetry, which Gary Geddes has termed “parables of the pilgrim soul.” Brown has selected mid-length poems and poetic sequences to provide a gripping overview of his work.

Beautiful and utterly individual rhythms; a style both precise and elusive; spiritual yearning that can reach to epiphany or apocalypse; a fearful love of the everyday world; dread of dark places and of brokenness within the mind—such threads make up the rich texture of Brown’s verse. Frames of Silence reveals a poet whose form and technique are fully adequate to the passion of his great yet intimate subjects.

“The questioning and formidable mind that directs his prosody is as much a part of the poem as its insight.”
~ Al Purdy

“ It is not reality that remeems his words, but rather the music of his words that redeems mundane reality.”
~ Ken Stange

“…poems which emerge out of myth and religious insight, poems of sensual and sexual awakening and loss, poems of wit and vision [that] seek to speak the unspeakable…”
~ Douglas Barbour

“He is speaking of the dreams in our green world, the dream of God, of man in his mortal longing.”
~ Barry Dempster