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Author: Tanis MacDonald

ISBN 0-9699639-6-3
96 pages
$10.95 Cdn
$8.95 US

“Tanis MacDonald, in holding ground, manages to balance precision, clarity and narrative drive with a startling and apt sense of imagery. The end result is a rich and engrossing debut-well worth the wait.”
~ Robert Priest

“holding ground is a book of jaunty wit and playful reworkings of history’s lost women, expertly realized in a myriad of poetic voices and forms. But when her poetic ground is grief and loss, Tanis MacDonald’s craft soars-and takes us earthward again, to re-learn the lessons of love in a life that is “engraved with dying,” to re-learn that our closest connections can both wound and heal us.”
~ Maureen Hynes

“In holding ground, Tanis MacDonald explores the imaginative depths of contemporary womanhood. Sharply witty, yet abidingly tender, these poems speak eloquently of love and mourning, laundry and gardening, and the hundred other difficult lessons of being human.”
~ Catherine Hunter