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emerald-cityIn Search of the Emerald City

Stan Rogal

ISBN 0-9735487-1-1
64 pages
$16.95 Cdn
$14.95 US

“In Emerald City, Stan Rogal brings his incongruous vision to bear on a set of our modern myths: Oz, Rimbaud, Van Gogh. The results are, like his other writings, entertaining, disturbing and full of insight.”
~ Lionel Kearns

“Despite his incredible output, Toronto writer Stan Rogal doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Following traditions of the open form and book as unit as composition as set down by bpNichol, Jack Spicer and Judith Fitzgerald, Rogal weaves a highly intelligent and playful art that is easily on par with anything his heroes have achieved. He is a poet not to be overlooked.”
~ rob mclennan