Jesus and the Quest for Secular Justice

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jqsjJesus and the Quest for Secular Justice

Pierre L’Abbé

ISBN 0-9735487-2-X
93 pages
$16.95 Cdn
$14.95 US

Jesus and the Quest for Secular Justice is intended for the general reader, and its arguments overturn a number of widespread misconceptions. The book surveys major contemporary writings on the historical Jesus and traces the history of these works through the nineteenth century up to the school of writers associated with the Jesus Seminar in the US.

By mapping the positions Christian writers have taken on the historical Jesus, L’Abbé shows that the fundamentalist position moves full circle into the anti-theist position, where both attempt to recreate Jesus in their own image. L’Abbé takes an in-depth look at the notion of belief and surveys major critical works and Canadian and international treatments of the subject.

Only the picture of the human being found in the world’s major religious literatures, L’Abbé argues, gives a realistic image of human nature. Here human nature is flawed, and consequently, the closest human society will ever come to achieving a true international justice is by pursuing the religious principles of compassion.