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journeys-catholicismJourneys to the Heart of Catholicism

Ted Schmidt

ISBN 978-0-9735487-9-2
246 pages
$19.95 Cdn
$18.95 US

What happens when a deeply committed Catholic man, loyal to Church and to Jesus Christ, and alive to the present, addresses fearlessly and deeply those issues that trouble him and should trouble us as well?

Ted Schmidt is that man.

Journeys to the Heart of Catholicism is a collection of his essays which dare to question. They prod and disturb, sometimes ruffle feathers and confront, but always bring insight.
~ Rosemary Crumlin, OAM, former head of Australia’s National Pastoral Institute, and co-author of Aboriginal Art and Spirituality

This is a work at once analytical, balanced, conscience-charged and honest. Schmidt writes with passion but not polemic – a rare achievement for writers opposed to present wars in Iraq and injustices here and elsewhere. While Journeys to the Heart of Catholicism is directed, as the title suggests, to Catholics, there is much within it that should appeal to a larger readership. He raises matters of common concern, such as the just exercise of authority and the rightful roles of women in church and society.
~ Dr. Margaret Woodward, writer and educator, Melbourne, Australia

Ted Schmidt, to use a term of German political theologian Johannes Metz, has a “dangerous memory.” He remembers well the Catholic Church’s social teachings on justice, human rights, and the common good, and recalls a time when such ideas had greater institutional favour. He offers a forceful, and at times, unvarnished critical reflection which strives to not only “comfort the afflicted, but afflict the comfortable.”
~ Stephen B. Scharper, former editor at Orbis Books and editorial director of Novalis Publishing, Associate Professor, the Centre for Environment, University of Toronto

Ted Schmidt has written a provocative and stimulating book that offers, at the same time, criticism of the contemporary institutional Catholic Church and evidence of enormous hope.
~ The Very Rev. The Hon. Lois M. Wilson, CC, former Moderator, United Church of Canada