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lifting-stoneLifting the Stone

Susan McCaslin

ISBN 978-0-9735487-8-5
86 pages
$16.95 Cdn
$15.95 US

This is the finest collection yet by a poet with a growing reputation for writing with passionate candor and exquisite finesse on matters of faith and spirituality in the tradition of Herbert, Hopkins, and Avison.

Susan McCaslin hefts the everyday into the spiritual realm and interweaves this gossamer longing with the troubled, lovely tug of the quotidian. … McCaslin honours the relentless gaps in communication that often lead to transcendent forms of epiphany. Voicing the tender consciousness of St. Francis and the raucous compassion of Merton, McCaslin’s lingual spirit encompasses both “the night rotations of animals” and “the horror that is our daily bread.” Cradling the memory of parents, scripture, awe and fear, Lifting the Stone performs a delicate and difficult task of release.
~ Catherine Owen

With an equal measure of grace and grit, she sings from the still centre of being human and conscious on a glorious, defiled, everyday earth of love and pollution, dogs, moths and God.
~ John Terpstra

In poems like the delicate sequence “Liturgy of Creatures,” Susan McCaslin welcomes you to her spiritual world, one that is compassionate and contemplative, and filled with “dancing highwires of verse.”
~ Sandy Shreve