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living-undergoundLiving Underground

Author: Ruth E. Walker

ISBN-13: 978-1-9272079-08-9
ISBN-10: 927079-08-X
$19.95 Cdn/trade paperback
$19.95 US/trade paperback
264 pages
6″ x 9″

Sheila Martin’s dismal childhood is irrevocably transformed when Sigmund Maier, the family’s enigmatic German tenant, introduces her to opera, music and much more. When he reappears in her adult life, Sigmund asks for her help with an immigration issue. Would she now discover the truth of why he vanished years ago?

Sheila soon discovers that “truth” has no clear definition and memories are nebulous as she is drawn into the turmoil and accusations surrounding his life before and during World War II. As she struggles with her own issues and family conflicts, she is forced to finally confront the secrets she has held for over 30 years.

Moving back and forth in time, this novel explores the ambiguity of human emotion – how our natures can embody both the ideals and delights of love alongside the most base and dispassionate sensibilities.

“Ruth Walker reveals the inner lives of her characters with a quiet and purposeful grace. An impressive debut.”
~ Rabindranath Maharaj, novelist and editor, author of The Amazing Absorbing Boy, winner of both the 2011 Trillium Award and the Toronto Book Award.


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