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noodleThe Shanghai Noodle Killing

Author: Ted Plantos

Short Stories
ISBN 0-9699639-7-1
128 pages
$14.95 Cdn
$9.95 US

“The Shanghai Noodle Killing” brings a mystique of the streets to life. Ted Plantos creates a kind of literature vérité with a cast of characters that are likeable dreamers, schemers, lovers and beautiful losers. These include an ex-boxer from the “hood”, the Pigeon Man, an Elvis impersonator, bookies and gamblers, hookers and johns, roomers and streetwise kids who walk mean streets scheming and dreaming in their search for the big score. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. But always, Plantos shows his poetic and generous touch in these stories set between art and life. People’s poetry in prose!”
~ Bruce Hunter, Author of Country Music Country

“I think poets have the best possible background for writing short stories. Brevity. Rhythm. Attention to detail. Every word matters. There is no padding. Each word is there because it’s needed, because the story requires it. Ted Plantos writes stories like that. His stories are often set against a background of urban noise and decay, and have an amazing range: some tough and gritty; others gentle and sweet; and others fanciful, magical. And his characters: there are so many of them, and they’re so varied. They are believable. They are powerful and take over, determining the directions their stories will take. Plot rightly takes second place. The stories belong to the characters. They decide what is important to be told, and it turns out their judgment is correct.”
~ Carol Malyon, Author of The Adultery Handbook