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tyranny-loveThe Tyranny of Love

Nik Beat

ISBN 0-9689723-6-5
64 pages
$14.95 Cdn
$10.95 US

“Nik Beat is an artist. His poetry is blood, sinew, muscle and nerve, extracted from his inner being with the deft craft of a surgeon’s blade.”
~ Norman Cristofoli

“Nik Beat writes out of the pop world of today, translating icons, images and ideas into a poetry of clever wit and unpretentious wisdom. But it is the modern-day romantic in his writing – an ability to capture both the tenderness and brutality of his life which creates the arresting tension in his work. It is this conflict which marks him as an original. He captivates us with his vulnerability, watching him walk the tightrope between head and heart in all of its comedy and tragedy.”
~ Mary Elizabeth Grace