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tortureTorture in the Age of Fear

In Co-operation with the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

Ezat Mossallanejed

Current Affairs/Human Rights
ISBN 0-9734588-6-0
304 pages
$25.95 Cdn
$23.95 US

Ezat Mossallanejed is a poet who has suffered and who has devoted his life to the suffering. In very readable prose, this book gives a thorough and precise study of the global, local and very personal issues concerning human rights and torture. The discussions of various national and international statutes and the revelations of personal testimony are all presented in context, with deep sensitivity and insight into the human condition. Each new page provides invaluable information that is well documented. However this is not a book for the squeamish. Several years of experience with survivors of torture and the passion of the author have combined to produce a text that is authoritative in the field and that will serve those interested in the fundamental ethical questions associated with torture.
~ Professor Frederick Case, Department of French Studies University of Toronto

That a contemporary look at the practice of torture is needed at the beginning of the 21st century is a regrettable commentary on the state of humankind. Ezat Mossallanejed responds to this need with a thoughtful examination of torture: why it persists in our time, the men, women and children who are being affected and what we can do about it. He incorporates personal voices, political and legal analyses, and philosophical commentaries to help us understand this savage act and the fears that sustain it. Mossallanejed writes with passion and insight drawing on his extensive personal experiences as a survivor of torture and activist for change. This book is an act of courage and hope – a much needed shedding of light on the dark and hidden side of our humanity and our world.
~ Dr. Susan McGrath, Director, Centre for Refugee Studies
York University

Torture in the Age of Fear by Ezat Mossallanejed is the best-documented history of human suffering under torture in print. The writer, a victim of torture himself, has stepped into torture chambers of all corners of the world, under all establishments, both past and present, to write a condemning testimony on human misery. Written with great erudition on history, culture and literature, the book is the best guideline on how to combat against the scourge of global torture.
~ Reza Baraheni, President of PEN Canada (2001-3); a past victim of torture of both the Shah and The Islamic Republic of Iran, writer of The Crowned Cannibals (Vintage, U.S. A.) and God’s Shadow: Prison Poems (Indiana University Press)

Ezat Mossallanejed has written a powerful book that reminds us that the vicious scourge of torture continues to plague every corner of the world. Through compelling personal stories and a sweeping global overview, he reminds us all that much more must be done to curtail this age-old horror. The current international security agenda has led some governments and commentators to question whether torture might sometimes be justified.

Ezat’s book clearly and unequivocally underscores the debilitating human cost of ever allowing torture. There is no excuse for torture; and never can be.
~ Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada