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why_did_you_do_thatWhy Did You Do That?

The Autobiography of a Human Rights Advocate

David Matas

ISBN 13: 978-1-927079-34-8
ISBN 10: 1-927079-34-9
$19.95 Cdn/trade paperback
302 Pages
6″ x 9″

Why Did You Do That? is an autobiography of David Matas, an international human rights advocate. The book sets out his human rights activities and then attempts to explain why he acted the way he did.

People are focused on their immediate environment, their family, their friends, their work or their neighbourhood. Why should they go to the bother of trying to address a seemingly intractable situation in order to try help those with whom superficially they have nothing in common, who may be living in a country far away to which they have never been, who speak a language they do not understand and who are from a culture which is both foreign and strange?

The autobiography is an attempt to answer that question. By trying to explain why he did what he did the author hopes to mobilize others to join the international human rights cause.