Blue Angels

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Blue Angels

Author: Stephen Humphrey

Drawing in style and substance on the biblical Apocrypha, illuminated manuscripts, and the “visionary” poets from William Blake to Allen Ginsberg, this “post-ancient,” encyclopaedic and poetic collage re-examines and reanimates angels of all imaginable varieties, from the bizarre to the hauntingly familiar. In moods of pathos, terror, awe and wonder, diverse images and ideas of these primordial beings clash and converge: encompassing heresy and orthodoxy, archaeologic lore, seductive myth, grandiose fantasy, sober speculation, and ecstatic incantation.

These nasty, numinous, visceral and otherwise revisionary angels might not sit too nicely on your shoulder, but they flutter beautifully in this dark and gifted book.”
~ Robert Priest

The angels of Stephen Humphrey’s book are dark lovers, holy punks, jaded sages and daemonic seraphim who descend from terrifying heights to swoop ecstatic through the post-modern world. There is pandemonium and humour in these pages (equal parts Paradise Lost and Led Zeppelin IV) where the grandiose meets the mundane, and the biblical is forever dogged by the comic book. The words are lyrical, sometimes satirical, and they’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about fallen angels, but were afraid to ask.”
~ Steve Venright

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