Learning Curves

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Learning Curves

Author: Paul Sanderson

Learning Curves is a continuation of the poetic style and personal journey begun in the author’s first chapbook of poetry, Biological Seasons. This collection of short lyrical poems and longer prose poetry and lyrics chronicles life, death, love, relationships, the birth of a child, and everyday living in the post-modern world. A feeling of spiritual longing underlies each word and phrase. A keen sense of line, meter, and rhythm are present in this uniquely Canadian poetic expression.

From New Orleans to a northern Ontario lumber camp, and from the passing of the last generation through the birth of the next, Sanderson has an uncanny way of reminding us of what we have by telling us what we’ve lost. Hope shines through in meaty narrative poems, and the book is also peppered with quiet lyrical gems like ‘Cornstalk-pale, green leaves / mottled with early morning rain.’ together with a strong, empathetic insistence that, however tough, life goes on.”
~ Pierre L’Abbé, author of Lyon and Ten Days in Rio.

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