Letters Home 1944-1946

Personal Letters/World War II/History
ISBN 0-9734588-2-8
Letters & 56 Photos
192 pages
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Letters Home 1944-1946

Author: King Whyte

An engaging and heart-warming account of a Canadian war correspondent’s enduring love for his wife, told against a background of Second World War sacrifice and brutality. Few more poignant love letters were ever written.”
~ Alex Barris, Author and Broadcaster

A touching memento to unquenchable love, correspondent King Whyte’s wartime letters home to wife Dorothy provide a richly detailed and surprisingly candid glimpse into a private world.”
~ Lloyd Robertson, CTV News Anchor

Dorothy Whyte with her upswept hairdo, elegant long red fingernails, ubiquitous cigarette holder, spiky heels and colourful language, came to schedule announcers at the CBC in Toronto in the 1970’s. I thought here is a woman with a past. Reading King’s letters to Dorothy, I was touched by that past and sensed the way they loved.”
~ Jan Tennant, Broadcaster

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