Looking for Cardenio

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Looking for Cardenio

Author: Jean Rae Baxter

Cardenio, a play by William Shakespeare, has been missing since 1613. If recovered, it would be worth a fortune – and the chance to re-introduce it to the world would be the chance of a lifetime.

Dr. Deirdre Gunn, a scholar wanting to redeem her reputation – and in need of money – is offered that chance when an old classmate shows up and offers her a centuries-old manuscript that may just be the long-lost treasure. Deirdre is seldom able to resist temptation (either in the academic world or in the bedroom) and she takes the bait. But then a murder is committed, and Deirdre sets out to find the killer before the police pin the crime on her. She becomes entangled in a four-hundred-year-old mystery, and soon realizes her own life is in danger.

A Canadian author who turned to fiction after a career in education, Jean Rae Baxter has an equal interest in history and in mystery. She brings them together in this novel. Looking for Cardenio has a contemporary setting, but looks back to Shakespeare’s time and to the turbulent scene before the Puritans closed the theatres in 1642.

Baxter sets a plot that skillfully integrates frailty, sex and greed – conditions that affect so much of life. She’s a polished storyteller and writes with precision and good timing. She has a good ear for dialogue, relationships that develop within the twists and revelations of plot and descriptions that summon the reader into the action. Looking for Cardenio is a novel that does its job with flair.”
~ Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator

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