Under Old Stars

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Under Old Stars

Author: Chris Pannell

Here is a writer who openly offers his wit and intelligence in a fresh and striking poetic style. Pannell leads us to the edge of written language and leaves us thirsting for more glimpses of the flashing world. These truly remarkable poems leap from the page and grow wings before our very eyes.”
~ Jim Slominski, Author of The wind is a Tall Man Striding

Chris Pannell’s poems are acoustic live wires strung across the demolition sites and smoky be-bop alleys of a “goddamn breathless” world. Pannell is a wired-for-sound poet in the very best sense. The poems are pure energy waiting to pounce, like Alex Colville’s hound. Reading them, we see how nature sees us: overgrown, slightly crazy, at the mercy of whales and mosquitoes, following the path of sad, lost feathers fluttering over a highway, en route to the slaughterhouse. With his unwavering gaze and razor intellect, Pannell’s poems are the real deal.”
~ Jeanette Lynes, Author of A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway

Pannell is everypoet. He records with thought, sensitivity, and irony his daily commute “in the middle of our life’s journey.” His wry wit and precise observations turn the regular route into a perceptive and engaging trip that that drives right over the median.
~ Gary Barwin, Author of Outside the Hat and Raising Eyebrows

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