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An Anthology of Twelve Poets

Edited by Tanya Nanavati

Understatement includes the work of Ronna Bloom, Robert Boates, Allan Briesmaster, Afua Cooper, Nancy Dembowski, Carla Hartsfield, Pierre L’Abbé, Alexandra Leggat, Steve McCabe, Gary McCarty, Nacia Miller and Nedra.

In Understatement Toronto’s burgeoning new poetry displays the speed, strength, emotional agility, and acute observation that create its distinctive accent. These twelve poets, diverse as they are, share a direct, energetic language and an urgent approach to daily realities and social concerns.”
~ A.F. Moritiz, Author of The Ruined Cottage and Mahoning

If, as editor Tanya Nanavati says in her fine introduction, ‘poetry is the path back to ourselves,’ then I am confident this anthology will help to enchant that path with its collective aesthetic.”
~ Leonard Gasparini, Winner of the 1990 F.G. Bressani Literary Prize for Poetry

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